The science behind your business, and the complex chemistry of hair. College level Sucess Course. Take your power back behind the chair.

About this event

TIME: 9:00 to 4:00 PM DATE: MARCH 7, 2022 / TICKET: $199

LOCATION: The bottleNeck blues bar. inside the AmeriStar casino, St. Charles Missouri.

(Includes lunch, Cash bar available)

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TIME: 9:00 to 4:00 PM DATE: MARCH 7, 2022

About the Class.

This amazing class is presented by Tom Dispenza & Lisa Kelley. They will open your eyes to creating color from raw chemicals. Tom & Lisa will bleach natural melanin that has been collected in test beakers in front of your eyes and you will see the stages of lightening (underlying pigment) created live and understand why the typical lightening charts are wrong.

You will learn how mother nature creates light, medium and dark brown in hair and how texture plays a part in both depth and brassiness. They will explain why the color wheel works for an artist painting a picture but not for hair color and they will explain and demonstrate tonality like never before.

They will also talk about "Why ethnic background is important". They will talk about the 4 different types of ash and will explain why a "SuperGlaze" is so effective on salt and pepper hair. This class is designed for the serious colorist who wants to truly understand the real facts of color, not the hype.

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