4 Hair Color Consulation Questions you Must ask!

Your next customer should be asked this 4 key questions (on top of the ones you usually like to ask) before attempting anything color for their hair.

What is the history of your hair?

The most crucial query you should elicit from your clientele before providing any color services. Proper lift, predicting damage, and determining whether the desired outcome is attainable all depend on the hair history.

How far back in time should they go with their hair? Depending on the length. Do not only consider their most recent color appointment, particularly if they have lengthy hair. The longer the hair, the further back in time they should consider their hair history.

Have you got the money and the time?

To get the blonde clients want, it could take a few blonding sessions. They will probably need to be elevated through several tones, including red, orange, and yellow, depending on their starting canvas. Therefore, ensuring that your client has the time and resources for several appointments will ensure that they always leave satisfied (and with healthy hair!).

Do you have an reference photo?

Always, always ask the client if they have an inspiration photo. Artists are creative and your idea of beige might not be the same tone of beige your client has in mind, so photos really help avoid confusion and disappointment.

How do you style yourself?

Always aim to produce a color that makes your client feel lovely and at ease. The following are the top three queries to ask clients regarding their at-home styling routine:

What hair care products do you use at home?
What style methods and tools do you employ daily on your hair?
Are you able to keep up with the upkeep?



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