Biggest 2022 Hair Trends so Far!

This year is filled with new an innovative ways to style and color hair, watch our for this 3 in particular!



Basically It mirrors the shape of an octopus—weight via short layers at the top, then thinner, longer layers coming out on the bottom.“It’s similar to a shag shape, but instead of removing a lot of weight like is required of a shag, you leave it,” says Toni Jennings, stylist and owner of Hair House ATX in Austin, TX. “In order to achieve the shape of the ‘octopus’ it requires a bit of weight. We like the disconnect between the heavily layered top section, and the length. Don’t be scared of the disconnection or the weight.”



Somewhere between The Bob and Pixie enters The Bixie, a heavily layered, texturized, and cropped hair cut that falls just below the ears and above the shoulders. This trending look is reminiscent of a short 80s Shag, and when paired with its trending counterpart, the curtain bang gives a sassy French Girl vibe. A stylist must utilize both razor and scissor cutting techniques to achieve maximum movement to achieve this look.



Beige and gray are those catch-all colors you can always rely on: Relaxing, uncomplicated, and universally flattering when it comes to most things, now including. By combining the two shades, you create an ashy neutral that blends the best qualities of each, resulting in a striking, yet incredibly wearable shade


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Source: Modern Salon, Latest Hair Trends.

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