Cutting Tips & Tricks to improve your Bob Cut Technique

Cutting Tips & Tricks to improve your Bob Cut Technique

1. Prep the hair with a reliable cutting aid

You will want to use a good cutting aid for bob cuts and all of your haircuts. Cutting aids are essential for clean, precise haircuts. A product that fights breakage while you cuts with ease is advised. 

2. Rest the shears on the neck & glide out
Gently cut along the nape, careful to hold your shears at zero elevation to avoid nicks. A Point Cut six inch Scissors to reach small areas behind the ears and around the face is adviced.

3. Revisit each section with a softer point cut to add diffusion.

This simple tip blends the hair for a more seamless grow-out while adding subtle volume.

4. Build shape & dimension with shorter point cuts
Point cut each section, leaving each section longer as you cut away from the nape. This will help tailor a more angled, dimensional result. Point cutting also helps preserve length, but with much more structure and movement.

5. Point cut on each final section to refine
When you reach the final section on either side, point cut using a wide tooth comb as your guide.



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