Spot Wrong Level 9 on Blondes

It’s all about the base when it comes to achieving the perfect platinum.

Common problems are uneven lift, compromised strands and warmth that will not go away when lightening past a Level 8.

Spotting the problem areas:

1. Existing warmth

If you see warmth. Your clients will see it too. If you see any hints of orange, the hair isn’t ready.  A perfect Level 9 is lifted to a very pale yellow, almost like the inside of a lemon peel.


Let the hair process a little bit longer (but keep an eye on it!).


2. Banding and/or dark spots

A clean, even canvas is crucial to achieving the perfect end result. So if the hair is lifting with bands or dark spots, the final tone will be spotty and uneven. When checking the hair look for transparency. The lift should be even and the section should be processing all at the same time.


Rinse the hair completely to remove all lightener. Then, strategically place fresh lightener on bands or dark spots. This will protect the rinsed hair from becoming compromised, while giving an extra boost to lift through the bands.


3. What to look for: Elasticity

Blasting the hair with a high developer won’t lift faster. If anything, it can cause serious damage


High lift developers can be very powerfull, and must be used with causion to maintain elastocity.

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