Stop OVER-FOILING Brunettes with this Hacks!

Create the perfect expensive brunette with efficient foiling

Move over blondies! The expensive brunette is officially the HOTTEST hair color trend of the year and you can create it with just 25 purposefully placed foils. Keep reading for some easy-to-follow highlighting tips for creating pops of dimension and luxe color on her brunette clients without lifting too far into blonde territory.

Decide the warmth before formulating

Since the goal is to add warmth to the hair, it needs to be lifted to a Level 7 or 8 that stays under the brunette umbrella. Use a lower volume developer to help achieve the desired shade and ease the toning process.

Place and paint each foil with a specific purpose in mind

When it comes to getting an expensive brunette result in just 25 foils, each foil must be placed meaningfully and cohesively. To do this:

Add lightener to the front sections and money piece first. Not only do these areas have the greatest impact, but they also need to be the brightest to give an expensive brunette a cohesive, vibrant look. Painting these sections first also allows them to process while other foils are being applied.

Utilizing tip-outs to bring each section together without having to over-paint at the roots or ends. Keep the weave tiny and super fine so there aren’t any unblended lines of demarcation, and to feather the lightener up so you don’t need to worry about correcting it later.

Sectioning off a “mohawk” at the top of the head. This section is designed to create even pops of brightness on either side of the head, giving the client versatility with their part.

The balayage board

Using a Balayage board can completely change the way you color hair. By using it, it becomes much easier to create soft blends on hair and the looks that you are after. Having a hard surface to paint against changes everything. You can really get a precision blend, get way more exact on where the color is ending up and you can get great saturation with a board.

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