For clients seeking bold rainbow ribbons of vibrant tones, the "bubble technique" offers a unique approach to vivid hair color placement. This technique, inspired by the iridescent glow of bubbles, involves applying multiple colors in a specific order to achieve a striking effect.

Understanding the Bubble Technique: The bubble technique originated from a collaborative effort among industry professionals. It involves dividing the hair into sections and applying each color directly on top of the previous one, without the need for additional wrapping.

Key Tips for Application: The application process is straightforward yet visually impactful. It includes dividing the hair into sections, starting from the nape, and applying colors in a specific order (ROYGBIV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). To enhance the effect, it's recommended to avoid finishing each section with the same color.

Preventing Color Bleeding: Utilizing a clear product as "bleed insurance" helps prevent color bleeding during processing. Clear products create a protective layer, encapsulating the colors and allowing for easier rinsing without affecting neighboring sections. However, deep shades may require special attention during rinsing.

Formulating Rainbow Shades: To achieve vibrant rainbow colors, a specific range of semi-permanent color products can be used. Mixing clear with pigment allows for customization while minimizing the risk of overmixing. Various shades can be created using this method, ensuring a diverse and visually appealing result.

Color Preservation Tips: Maintaining vivid hair color requires proper care and attention. Investing in salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, washing with cool water, reducing washing frequency, and protecting hair from environmental factors such as sunlight and chlorine are essential for prolonging color vibrancy.


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