The Curly Copper Color Block

Color block, when referring to hair coloring, is typically a cream or gel which can be applied to skin or hair to prevent hair dye from staining those areas. This is also commonly referred to as barrier cream and is generally applied around the hair line so if dye does happen to touch the skin, it will not stain it. The use of color block is very common in most hair salons.

Hair color can easily stain the skin and create a very messy and unprofessional look to any color job. Beyond this, most hair dyes contain harsh chemicals which should not come in direct contact with the sensitive skin of the face. Using a color block cream will protect the integrity of the color job as well as protect the skin from irritation. Another common use for barrier cream is in two-tone dye jobs. When a stylist is dying a customer’s hair with two different colors, as in highlight or “chunky” dye styles, he or she may use a color block cream to keep the two colors from bleeding in to each other.

2022 Has been the year for copper hair color! What if your client wants to pair it with a bold color block? 

Who is the ideal client for this look?
Any client with a starting Level 4. This transformation begins with a global bleach-out: A darker starting level would mean an extra lightening process (if the hair can handle it!).

What can clients expect?

The entire transformation will take eight hours—not an easy task! That includes a full bleach-out, two different glazes to create the color block.

How can clients care for this look?
When it comes to at-home care, it’s always best to use cool water when washing color-treated hair. This will increase the longevity of the color along with a color-safe shampoo! As far as maintenance goes, recomment clients to visit the salon in six-to-eight weeks to upkeep this look.


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