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ProRituals Hair Color Cream contains a double pigment system. This will give the colorist the maximum amount of available dye at every level in every tone without losing calibration


    • Blue neutralizes unwanted warmth on levels 3-6
    • Yellow adds brightness to coppers without browning out
    • For earthy brown tones add to Fundamenls, Tobaccos and Golden series
    • Green neutralizes unwanted warmth on levels 1-5


    • Creating clearer blondes, brighter reds and richer browns on resistant hair
    • Extra lift, penetration, brightness. Add 1 inch up to 1/2 of formula = Developer to lighten bands from the hair due to single process retouches
    • To lighten darkened ends from multi service applications
    • To lift or de-colorize tinted hair up to one level
    • Use with Brighteners for more vivid results

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