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Chromastics Deposit-Only Color

6 shades of Deposit-Only colors + Clear
Created to be mixed with an equal amount of 10-volume developer.
Can be mixed with up to 20-volume developer for coarse and resistant hair.

  • 1 Clear
  • 4 Neutral colors
  • 4 Gold colors
  • 2 Red-Orange colors
  • 1 Red-Violet color
  • 3 Blue-Violet colors
  • 2 Golden-Beige colors

Deposit-Only colors do NOT contain ammonia.
Deposit-Only colors do NOT contain MEA (Ethanolamine)

5 Concentrates:

  • Neutral
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • and Red

Concentrates do NOT contain ammonia.
Concentrates do NOT contain MEA (Ethanolamine)

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