No Lift, No Ammonia, No MEA, Liquid Color
Chromastics Shades is the next step in the evolution of hair coloring. It is a Deposit-Only hair color designed for toning, glazing, refreshing and corrective color. With the addition of XL-Cream to your formula it can be transformed into a base-breaker.

As with all chromastics color products, chromastics Shades contain hydrolyzed wheat and rice protein to leave hair feeling great. Since it has a lower pH and works with just 10-volume developer, it’s gentler than regular hair color.

For toning, glazing, refreshing and corrective color:

In applicator bottle, mix equal parts of chromastics Shades and 10-volume developer.
Apply to shampooed, towel dried hair.
Process 5 to 30 minutes.
To transform chromastics Shades to a soft, 1/2 level base-breaker:

In an applicator bottle, mix 2oz of chromastics Shades and 2oz of 10-volume developer.
Add 1/2 ounce XL-Cream.
Rapidly apply to the new growth.
Process 10 to 15 minutes.
For a full level of lift, replace XL-Cream with 1/2 ounce of XL-Super.

Heat is not recommended with chromastics Shades.

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