Naturals Demi Permanent Color

* The perfect solution to support strong healthy hair
* 43 colors that work in perfect “Harmony” with the OYA Permanent Color collection
* A “shine only” clear shade for every color service
* Neutral balanced formula promotes condition, shine, resilience and color correction
* 5 concentrates that can be combined with any OYA formula
* Mixing ratio 1:1 (1 part color with 1 part OYA Lotion)

OYA Color is FREE of...

• PPD (p-phenylenediamine)
• 4-ABP (4-AminobiphenyI)
• Gluten
• Sulfates (Sodium, Ammonium and Potassium)
• Parabens

OYA color is never tested on animals. 

OYA permanent hair color 45 minutes


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