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* Gentle yet vibrant gray coverage formulations using only 10 volume for level on level or darker results
* A comprehensive palette of 70 colors all capable of lifting and darkening up to 4 levels
* 90 gram/3 oz. tubes offer more applications and savings vs competitors
* 11 inter-mixable series for endless possibilities
* 4 series, specifically designed to cover 100% gray hair, no intermixing needed
* 5 concentrates that can be combined with any OYA formula
* Versatile lightening cream for controlled lightening or can boost any OYA color one level
* Mixing ratio 1:1 (1 part color with 1 part OYA lotion)
* High lift series has a mixing ratio of 1:2. It has 4 shades for a neutral one step lift and tone for as dark as a virgin level 6



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