Advanced Direct Dye technology binds with hair for even, incredibly durable, vibrant and shiny color results * Provides intense results on pre-lightened hair in as little as 10 minutes without any developer * Mix to create imaginative and bold colors or add clear to make en vogue pastel tones * Adds reflections to natural and color treated hair * Creamy gel consistency for easy, even application * Lasts up to 20 washes and fades gradually on tone * Contains Argan and Avocado Oils for shine and condition * Includes the powerful antioxidant green tea to help prevent premature color fading


OYA Tools are available at your fingertips and will guarantee work that is precise, neat and consistent. They include bowls, bottles, large and small brushes, whisks, scales, timers, aprons, capes and strand charts. The OYA state of the art strand chart shows the entire color collection for both the OYA Permanent Color and the OYA Demi-Permanent Color and its sleek, round, compact design perfect for client consultations.

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